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New American-Style Mayo for caterers

New American-Style Mayo for caterers

21st April 2016

Cooks&Co has launched a 2.27 litre American-Style Mayonnaise aimed at professional caterers to help them create perfect sandwiches, dips and salads.

Available in easy to store and dispense plastic catering jars with screw top lids, Cooks&Co’s offering combines great taste, colour and texture.

American-Style mayonnaise has a higher oil content than many other traditional mayonnaises. This helps create a better moisture barrier, meaning the mayo is less likely to soak into breads and sandwiches.

“We work with caterers to provide them with really useful ingredients of consistently high quality that deliver excellent value,” explains Anne Marie Cannon, Brand Manager for Cooks&Co.

“Summer is a really important time for caterers, and we’ve developed some quick and easy recipe ideas for caterers using our new American Mayonnaise, to add real flavour and flair to dishes, to help caterers maximise margins by serving up higher value dishes.”

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