The Brand

Red’s opened their first US-style BBQ restaurant in 2012 to capitalise on the UK appetite for authentic American BBQ, which is growing fast. Red’s is committed to “True Barbeque”. The brand is playful, provocative and drives conversation.

The Products

Put simply, the sauces you know and love from the restaurant are now available in retail. The range includes 4 sauces:

  • Kansas City BBQ Sauce – sweet, smoky, BBQ bliss in a traditional tomato-based Kansas City recipe, with sweet molasses, and a few spices to add a mild kick.
  • Unholy BBQ Sauce – this is a Red’s restaurant favourite. This is a Mid Western-style sweet, rich, tomato-based sauce with added flavours of orange and fennel.
  • Devil Wing BBQ Sauce – it’s sweet, smoky and hot hot hot!
  • South Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce – an authentic mustard-based recipe from South Carolina. It blends sweetness with vinegar and mustard to create a tangy BBQ sauce.

Why We Love Them

Red’s offers an authentic BBQ range and have so much passion and expertise in BBQ which we can now enjoy at home.

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