The Brand

Brown & Polson was established in 1840, when two muslin manufacturers joined forces in Paisley, Scotland. John Polson (the son of the original owner) discovered how to make maize into an edible starch, and patented the Cornflour in 1854

The Products

Brown & Polson is a pure fine white corn starch milled from maize grain from which the outer hull, germ and gluten have been removed by a patented milling process. Because it is gluten free and so finely milled it is naturally smoother than ordinary flour to give superior results for cooking and baking. It’s available in 250g, 500g and 3kg formats

Why We Love Them

Housewives have been using Brown & Polson cornflour for generations to thicken soups and stews, and for gravies and sauces. There’s nothing like a tried and tested winner!

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