The Brand

Wellaby’s is a family-run business created in 2008. In 2009, the business decided to develop speciality gluten free products, resulting in an impressive, gluten free certified, fit for purpose factory. Wellaby’s aim to produce unique, innovative, great-tasting and healthy products that make you feel well

The Products

Wellaby’s healthy snacks are baked not fried, use only natural ingredients, and are low in fat and free from preservatives. The use of core ingredients such as high protein Lentils in the Lentil Chip range further boost the range’s health credentials, while its gluten free Hummus Chips combine iron, vitamin B1 and chickpea flour, another good source of protein. The fabulous Simple Bakes range was launched in 2016.

Why We Love Them

Wellaby’s mission is to make sure that dietary restrictions or a choice for better nutrition do not mean sacrifices in the taste and quality of people’s every day snacks and food - having tasted these snacks, we couldn't agree more!

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