The Brand

Triselecta is one of the biggest saffron packers in Spain, which has the flexibility and capacity to supply a large range of products in innovative packaging. The company has their own factories in Spain, as well as in Iran, the world’s biggest supplier of high quality Saffron.

The Products

Triselecta produces saffron of the highest quality, controlling the process from harvesting through to packaging. Every harvest, they produce saffron that is certified Category 1, according to the IS0 3632 Standard. Triselecta offers both saffron threads and powder in a variety of packaging formats.

Why We Love Them

This may be the most expensive foodstuff in the world - due to the hand-harvesting of the crocus flowers - but well worth it for the delicate aroma it adds to rice and pasta dishes, soups, meat and fish.

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